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pay weekly as low as $60/month

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"...your staff has made working with payroll and taxes very easy."

-- kent m. bailey, owner/ceo, northern states security


frequently asked questions

q: how do i get started with compuchex?

a: every company is different, so give us a call or email us and we'll consult with you about how to begin.

q: how much does it cost?

a: again, it will depend on your situation, but to give you an idea, you can pay weekly as low as $60/month, pay monthly as low as $30/month, and pay bi-weekly (2x/month) as low as $40/month.

q: how does the payroll processing work?

a: first we get your business set up in our system. next, we'll provide you with a timesheet that is easily reported by phone or fax to our office. and finally, once the payroll is reported to our office, we'll guarantee next day delivery of your checks and detailed payroll reports to your location.

q: who is responsible for the accuracy of my payroll or tax reporting?

a: compuchex assumes responsibility for the accuracy of all our payroll services.

q: i only have one or two people in my business, does it make sense for me to use compuchex for my payroll?

a: it's not just about the payroll. the amount of paperwork required to keep the government happy is the same regardless of the size of your company. this is more of a burden on the small business that doesn't have a "department" or employee to handle it. we'll take care of your quarterly reports and tax payments so you can concentrate on your business.

q: how do my employees get their money?

a: we will hand deliver signature-ready payroll checks to your office or job site the next day after you report your payroll. all you have to do is hand them out to your employees. we also offer direct deposit.

q: what do i need to do to legally run payroll?

a: compuchex will help new businesses set up their accounts, and make sure new and existing businesses meet all of the federal and state requirements to run payroll.

q: how was compuchex started?
a: cara and michael grimsley moved to coeur d'alene, idaho in 1992 and immediately recognized the need for a locally owned and operated full-service payroll processing firm. with many years of payroll processing experience and extensive backgrounds in management and accounting, including the medical, restaurant, retail, and construction industries, they were perfectly placed to fill that need.

twelve years and hundreds of clients later they are the premier payroll provider in the region offering service, advice, and expertise to their clients that is second to none.

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