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"a current client did not know the irs had changed their tax deposit requirements from monthly to every payroll. by the time the irs found the mistake, penalties were in excess of $1,600 for the first quarter alone."

we assume the liability
for your payroll
and tax reporting.


why use compuchex?

payroll processing is a whole business in itself that takes you away from your business.
payroll is our business - it's all we do.

  • local, convenient, personalized service - you're not just a number with us

  • it's very affordable:

    • pay weekly as low as $60/month

    • pay monthly as low as $30/month

    • pay bi-weekly (2x/month) as low as $40/month

  • payroll is delivered to you the next day

  • compuchex assumes the liability for your payroll and tax reporting

  • we keep up with federal and state changes in rates, deposit requirements, unemployment, etc. so you don't have to

  • if you are already having problems, we'll fix them for you. we've written hundreds of letters on our clients' behalf to the irs, the department of labor, and other governmental agencies with outstanding success

  • if you're a new business, we'll get your federal tax id number and set up all the accounts you need to run your business so you can concentrate on your business

  • avoid penalties and interest because of incorrect tax reporting - one mistake could cause big headaches

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